Friday, August 31, 2007

what's for dinner

All Recipes has helped me in many ways to become a better cook, a better mom, and a better wife. I refer to this recipe site all the time. I've never been great in the kitchen and in fact, many times before, I've been run out of kitchens for fear that my horrible luck with food would rub off on whoever was cooking at the moment and cause their dish to instantly dissolve into mush.

So for years, I just used the excuses, "I can't cook," or "I don't know how," or "Seriously, you don't want me near the kitchen." But then I became a mother and there was someone else whose nutritional needs depended on me entirely, and I knew that fast food or the microwave wasn't really how I wanted to sustain my son. So I started buying recipe books and searchingon the internet for recipes that I could make.

I had to start simple, I mastered spaghetti first with simple ingredients. I made it all the time. All the time. Until finally my husband begged me to try something else. So I went back to this site and started searching for things that I could make. It then became fun! One of my favorite features of the whole site is the ingredient search. You type what ingredients you want and what you don't want and they will suggest recipes that fit your criteria. Neat, huh?

You can generate shopping lists on the site and print them off so you can get all the specific ingredients needed for your recipes. I like making weekly meal plans, so this insures that I get everything I need for the meals I will be cooking in a particular week.

And if you are on a diet, they have a whole section for Weight Watchers that already has the points tallied for each serving. Definitely helps making being on a diet more manageable.

Go check out this site! Find out something to make for dinner tonight!! And for dessert, try this delicious Watergate Salad. YUM!

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