Monday, August 20, 2007

guest blog monday: meet justin!

As our first male guest blogger, Justin (not his real picture) reveals how men view the world wide web as a useful tool for everything from troubleshooting to killing time.

Justin’s Top 5
1. Before Youtube hit it big, I watched videos on It’s the same concept, but made for guys, so there are more pranks, like Portopotty Meeting Interrupted Prank, wipeouts and crashes, like Kid Wipes Out On Treadmill, and random, why-would-someone-ever-do-that-and-videotape-it stunts, like Paint Bucket Head Dunk. An online version of MTV’s Scarred, without the repetitive editing.

2. Although I like better, I still browse Youtube a lot because it has more videos and shows other stuff like Criss Angel tricks. Plus it’s easier to search for a certain video here if you are looking for something particular.

3. I use the forums on this informative site all the time to troubleshoot problems, get feedback on modifications, and get ideas for how to make my truck look and perform better. Plus, with group purchasing, you can get some great deals on parts. You can find a site like this for almost any type of car, and they can be very helpful ... even when trying to decide what type of car to purchase, you can check out sites like this to see what problems are common for the car you're interested in.

4. Craigslist: This site has been around forever, but I browse it every chance I get. It’s a great place to find cheap cars, stereo equipment, etc. Pretty much anything I have to buy, I look here first to see if I can get it locally or for a better price.

5. eBay: A classic site, but I still use it to buy, sell or just surf for a good deal. Especially good for buying in bulk, finding something specific that you can’t find in a store, or just checking for a general price. Like Craigslist, I always check here before I buy something in a store.

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