Wednesday, August 8, 2007

do you like free stuff?

Who doesn't? I love to get free stuff in the mail, so when I found out about Vocalpoint, I just had to sign up and I haven't been disappointed. Sometimes they send you actual free product in the mail, and sometimes they send you a coupon to get something for free. So far, I've gotten a new Venus Breeze, Pur water bottle, sneak peek Meerkat Manor DVD, Kashi cereal, and discount tickets to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, along with tons of great coupons. And I've only been a member for a couple of months!

The program is designed for women, and run by P&G, and in exchange for all this free stuff, all they ask is that you subscribe to their weekly newsletter, answer a couple of quick surveys each week (they are 1-2 questions long), and share your coupons and information that they send you with others.

It's cool to check out new things just before they hit the market, and to try new things you might never have bought on your own (like Kashi cereal, for me)!



abby said...

Um, Jessica, Vocalpoint rejected me. After answering their questions, it was determined that I didn't fit their criteria. Is this a technosorority? :)

braesan said...

I'm so sorry! Their website says that you have to "qualify" for membership, but I'm trying to find out what their criteria are. Check back later to see what I've found out. Thanks for reading!