Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Brandi's Top 5

Hello there friends!! It's me, Brandi, and don't let the other two gals here fool ya, I'm seriously the coolest of them all!! I spend way too much time on the ever providing internet, so I'm here to weed out the stuff you don't need to waste your time looking at, because fortunately for you I've already trudged through the uselessness of it all. So without further adieu...My Favs...

1) I Love Photography - I'm also a photographer, so this website has helped me tremendously! It's has every resource for a photographer that you could possibly need. There's even a sunlight/sunrise calculator that you can use for your area to get the best possible lighting for your portrait! I'm mean, come on, that's genius! Or if you just want to go look at some fabulous pictures taken by some very talented people, then take some time to look at this website.

2) Pioneer Woman - I love reading other blogs. I have a series of blogs that read every morning with my breakfast and it's become my morning luxury. I start with this one every morning. The Pioneer Woman, Ree, is a witty mother of four who used to lived the luxurious lifestyle of L.A. and then somehow found herself married to a rancher in Oklahoma. She also happens to be a decent photographer, which peaks my interest as well.

3) Unique Wooden Toys - In light of recent toy recalls, I think this toy company deserves a little recognition. I also have a two year old who still enjoys putting his toys in his mouth (he's so weird, lol) so we really can't have any of those lead contaminated toys around our house. Which has led us to try and purchase more natural fiber toys for him. I love that these toys have a timelessness to them as well. Go check out the treehouses! They are seriously cool!

4) B&H - If I weren't already married to the most wonderful man, I would marry this site. Yes I would. There is anything that a techie could ever dream of wanting right there on that fabulous site. Plus, their prices are very comparable! Just try and find them cheaper! As a photographer I've spent many hours creating lists of things I will eventually purchase from there. I've almost got the entire store in my wish list now. Which reminds me, I better get back to work if I'm ever going to get around to purchasing any of it, lol.

5) Esty - This site is a great showcase of very talented people and their crafts. Anyone can sell on etsy. You can find some of the neatest products, like handmade jewelry, clothes, toys, underwear, you name it. I haven't bought earrings from any other place in over a year. I love the fact that I can purchase something unique. A lot of the sellers will even work with you to help create a more personalized product by giving you choices in fabrics, colors and whatnot. Go browse for a while...and we'll see you again in a month, lol.


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