Wednesday, August 29, 2007

6 million dollar home

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No, I don't really have a 6 million-dollar home with four walls, a roof and lots of other fabulous amenities that would come with having a house that freakin' expensive, but I do own one of the best camera bags out there that just happens to be called the 6 Million Dollar Home. I'm not making any sense, am I?? That's because it doesn't make any sense, and that's the genius of it.

The makers of Crumpler Bags give all of their products sarcastic and punny names, I believe in an attempt to get away from the traditional blah-ness of product descriptions. The descriptions for each type of product are hilarious!

My personal favorite bag description on the site is the backpack called The Salary Sacrifice. Its description is a play on the words "salary" and "celery," which really does make you laugh at the price and think it's totally worth it:

"Okay, that’s it: we’re all gunna have to make some cut backs. No more celery for anyone. That’s right. You guys are gunna have to dig for big green sticks some place else. Hey, don’t stalk off when I’m talkin to you . . ."

They have a full line of products from computer bags, messenger bags, camera bags and accessory bags, which, all kidding aside, are amazing products. I covet my camera bag and absolutely love the quality of it ... and it is nice to be able to casually say to people at social events, "Why, YES, darling! I do in fact have a 6 million dollar home! Waiter!! Please get me another Dirty Martini!"


Big BAD Benny said...

Actually, the name for this bag comes from the Crumpler owners' dislike of 'weasle words' - hyped up catch phrases that some think are destroying the English language.

I kept asking to purchase an expensive camera for work on "salary sacrifice" and my boss thought this term was hilarious in it's own right.

The description you have quoted is by our poet/copywriter Paul Mitchell. BBB)))

braesan said...

Very interesting Benny!!