Thursday, August 9, 2007

in the genes

Have you ever wondered what color eyes your future children would have? This site is one that I visited frequently while I was pregnant with my son. Based on your own genotype and that of your mate's, it will calculate the percentages of certain eye colors that your child could possibly have. I had always dreamed of having a little green eyed child with blond curls. I have green eyes myself and they are my favorite feature. The longing to have a child with green eyes as well brought me to this site many times. Based on the our family history, it calculated that there was 36.5% chance that I would have a little greenie. When my son was born, I remember waiting for his eyes to change from the common newborn blue to brown like my husband's. However, they soon changed from that dark blue shade to a wonderful shade of green. I had gotten my wish. A little green eyed boy who also happens to have blond curls.

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Anonymous said...

I have a 50% chance of brown, 43.7% chance of green, and 6.2% chance of blue, although no one in either of our families has blue eyes! Thanks, this is a cool site!