Monday, August 6, 2007

Welcome to Braesan!

Welcome to Braesan, the hip, new blog where three bold web warriors (Brandi, Jessica and Mandy) share their time-tested favorites, the coolest online hotspots, and the freshest ideas, products, etc., with the world.

The next few posts will feature each blogger's intro story and top 5 websites. Each blogger has a unique slant that will enrich the blog and ensure that there is something interesting here for everyone. Check back often and see what we've found next!

Have ideas you want to share or that you would like to see featured in Braesan? If so, write to

The first person to figure out where the name Braesan comes from wins a chance to guest blog on Braesan and share your top 5 websites.

1 comment:

tricia said...

Lovely Web site that I will check often to see what's new. Has a lot of sites I hadn't checked out before.

I'll throw my guess in the hat regarding your name: reads as "brazen" and is a combination of your three names--BRAndi, jESsica and mANdy. I think it's called "portmanteau" and forms a neologism. That's my guess anyway.

Good luck with the Blog you wily gals!