Tuesday, August 21, 2007

things that moo don't just make milk

Welcome to Moo. This cool printing site is great for gifts and stationery items. It's main forte is mini-cards, calling cards that are half the size of a standard business card. They come in sets of 100 and the coolest part is that each card can have a completely different design. You can have up to 100 different cards in one order! What better way to let people know about your website or business? Make each one a cool and funky design that fits your personality!

You can also order custom sticker-books, something I know my two-year-old son would absolutely love! I personally love the note cards and think they are a wonderful way to keep in touch with people the old-fashioned way. Instead of dropping a rushed email to your mom or brother, why not take the time to send them a personalized note card with a hand-written note on the back?

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